Drill-through Has Duplicate Data

I really didn’t think I’d be writing more about drill-through, thought I had it covered here, here, and here.  But we came across an odd issue the other day and I figured it would be good information to share.

While likely uncommon, if the same data is loaded from files using different integrations, drill-through will create a combined report of all staging tables.  We discovered this when my teammate loaded forecast data with files generated from the legacy application and I loaded the same forecast using files provided from the client.  We each built our own data integration rule and mistakenly didn’t realize we were loading the same data.  The data in Cloud EPM Planning was accurate, the files had the same data, so either his load overwrote my load or vice versa. 

But when drill-through was used, data was doubled.

Looking at the web view of the drill-through, it was not initially apparent multiple integrations were involved.  We downloaded the table to Excel to further analyze.  That’s where it was clear what was happening.

Filtering to one data amount shows how the table has the same data from different integrations.

The quick fix was to delete one of the staging tables in Data Management.  Once only one table was available in Data Management, drill-through was correct with only one set of data.

As stated at the beginning, it’s unusual to have multiple integration rules to load the same data.  But if you do, and you have drill-through enabled, be aware of how the drill-through will be created with all the associated staging tables.

As always, happy EPM’ng!

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