Add Row to Form

Designing forms in EPM can be easy or challenging depending on the requirements.  In general, forms should be easy to maintain by including substitution or user variables to allow usage across multiple scenarios, years, versions, and other dimensions.  They also need to perform efficiently by limiting the number of rows and columns by using suppression … Continue reading Add Row to Form


Aggregation script to be used on forms, aggs the scenario selected on the form. SET AGGMISSG ON; SET CACHE HIGH; SET UPDATECALC OFF; SET LOCKBLOCK HIGH; SET EMPTYMEMBERSETS ON; /*Forecast Agg*/ Fix (@Remove({Scenario}, "OEP_Plan")) Fix ({Scenario} AND "OEP_Forecast")) /* cleaner way to use the Fix */ Fix ("OEP_Working", &OEP_FcstStartYr:&OEP_FcstEndYr) Agg ("DataSource", "Detail", "Entity", "Function", "Intercompany"); … Continue reading Agg w/ EMPTYMEMBERSETS