Working with EPM Direct URL’s

Every now and then I’ll come across something while looking thru Oracle documentation that sticks in my brain. Direct URLs seem kind of cool. Various artifacts within EPM can be accessed by their URL. I haven’t come up with a great use case, but I thought it would be good to play around a little and see what I could do.

First thing was to read the Oracle documentation and watch the overview video. While the video was insightful, it was geared towards embedding EPM URLs within the ERP application. That’s certainly cool, but I don’t have a need for that.

Instead, I decided to try copying a dashboard URL and have it be accessible from a form.

From Navigator, open Dashboards.

Click on the ellipses for the dashboard and select Copy URL.

From the pop-up window, copy the URL.

I am going to use a right-click menu from the form to open the dashboard. We need to set up the action menu for this. Go to Action Menus from the Navigator.

Create a menu and then the menu item.

Name the item and select URL from the Type drop-down menu.

Paste in the copied URL for the dashboard.

With the menu item created, we can go to the form and add it. Open the form editor and on the Options tab add the new menu.

Save and close the editor. From the form, right click and select Open Expense Dashboard.

The dashboard will open on another browser tab.

Something else to point out, the entire list of direct URLs can be exported in a CSV file. From the Home Page, click the drop-down menu on the username and select Export URLs.

You can search thru the file to find the URLs for your purposes.

This may not be the most exciting use of direct URLs, but it’s a start. I will likely come across better use cases in the future.

As always, happy EPM’ng!

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