Using Out-of-Box Trending on No Currency

I discovered recently that the out-of-box (OOB) trending calculation in EPM does not include “No Currency”.  The OOB rule only calculates on descendants of “Input Currency”.  I don’t think this was a secret, I’m sure it’s stated somewhere in Oracle documentation, but I never encountered it before.  While the need is likely rare, if you find yourself in a situation where it is needed to trend on No Currency, there is an easy fix.

First, make sure you create a copy of the OOB rule.  In general, do not modify OOB rules directly, always make a copy when any customization is needed.  Right click on the rule OFS_Trend Based Calculation and select Copy To.

Name the copy and click OK.

The new rule opens in Edit mode.

There is only one line in the rule that needs to be edited.  Search for Input Currencies.  It may be easier to copy the whole script into a text editor like Notepad++ to do this.

Copy the whole line and paste directly below the original, and then comment out the original line.

Change Input Currencies to Currency.  I also like to add a comment line of the change being made.

We changed it to the root of the dimension so all currency members are included.  You could specifically state just No Currency and only use the rule where it is needed for that calculation and use the original OOB rule elsewhere.

Validate and save the rule, then deploy.  Attach the rule to the forms that need it.  Keep in mind that since we made a copy of the OOB rule, any future updates that Oracle makes to the original will not be applied to the copy.

As always, happy EPM’ng!

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