What Happened to the Form?

One day while testing a new EPM form, the view changed dramatically on the web. The coloring and style changed, the form looked like it was in ad hoc mode. Only one form was affected, so I knew it was not something with the application. It was perplexing. I reached out to several colleagues with no luck. Reluctantly, I opened a SR with Oracle. They came back with a resolution and it was so simple that I’m kind of embarrassed for not realizing it sooner.

Here’s a comparison of the before and after.



To be clear, the first form is the normal look that all the forms have.

We checked everything we could think of.

Display Properties in form design, nothing out of the ordinary.

Printing Options, nothing out of the ordinary.

Settings from the form Property Panel, nothing out of the ordinary.

That’s probably where something should have clicked in my brain, but it didn’t. After opening the SR and providing Oracle with information and screenshots, they suggested the following. Open the form in Smart View and Clear formatting.

And that fixed it, the form went back to normal view in the web.

Either I inadvertently clicked the Save icon on the ribbon or someone else did (it was probably me).

Now you may be wondering, why did the Clear Formatting have to be done in Smart View. I wondered the same thing. So I recreated the issue by doing a Save Formatting in Smart View, went back to the web and did a Clear Formatting from the Property Panel.

And it did not work. The only way to clear the formatting is to do so from Smart View. Maybe because that’s where the Save Formatting happened, but at least now I know how to fix formatting issues in web forms.

As always, happy EPM’ng!

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