Incorrect Data from File Loads in Data Management

I encountered an issue with a data load and in hindsight I should have known right away where to look.  Actuals are loaded during close through an automated process utilizing EPM Automate and Data Management.  The process has been working without issues since it was implemented.  But recently we needed to manually reload some prior periods due to … Continue reading Incorrect Data from File Loads in Data Management

Hyperion Solutions Conference 2020

The Hyperion Solutions Virtual Conference 2020. The conference is a free, 4-day event taking place Monday, October 19th to Thursday, October 22nd. The conference has over 75 sessions from the old Hyperion Solutions Conference days along with today’s top speakers on Oracle EPM and Analytics. The agenda features various sessions on all things “Hyperion” but … Continue reading Hyperion Solutions Conference 2020

Smart View Shared Connections XML

One of the aspects of Smart View that often annoyed me was having to either update the shared connection URL or create private connections when jumping around different applications.  At various times I may need to access three or more different applications.  Then one day a colleague enlightened me to another way to manage multiple … Continue reading Smart View Shared Connections XML